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なお、 404エラーなどの レスポンス異常系も retrofit2. HttpException として. When I call the foo( ) method, I get this error: retrofit2. HttpException : HTTP 404 Not Found at retrofit2. onNext( OperatorMapResponseToBodyOrError. java: 43) at retrofit2. Eventually i found the reason in my case due to /. i put this sing / in. baseUrl( URL) in the end of URL and also i put it in method When I delete it from method like this it begin to work. I' m trying to use retrofit but i get 404 code and message " not found". Response { protocol= http/ 1. 1, code= 404, message= Not Found}. i can see on my server log that the request was successfully and the response is and object. I used to parsed it. 何故か404が帰ってくる時.

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    Retrofit error

    リクエスト送る時のHTTPメソッドは、 APIの仕様に準拠し ていますか? エンドポイントの指定に間違いはありませんか? エンドポイントの開始 指定に、 / が含まれていませんか? baseUrl正しく設定しているのにエラー. You didn' t setup HTTP client for your Retrofit object. Try to use OkHttpClient for this. public static void initRetrofit( ) { OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient. connectTimeout( Config. HTTP_ CONNECT_ TIMEOUT. getUser( id, new Callback< User> ( ) { public void success( User user, Response response) { / / ステータスコード200の場合はここ } public void failure( RetrofitError error) { / / ステータスコード404、 422、 500. Ok, I' ve found the answer. The problem was in. baseUrl( getResources( ). The url was stored in the resource file values/ string. xml as < string 168.

    12: 8080/ api/ < / string>. Due to how Retrofit 2. 0 uses Http Resolve for resolving the uri scheme of your endpoints, if you specify the baseurl like this com and the endpoint URL as / world/ foo it will break. You need to use base URL. Your API call for endpoint / api/ v1/ me is POST method Call< Authorize> retrieveMyInfo( ) ;. According to their documentation for enpoint / api/ v1/ me you should use GET requests. Call< Authorize>.