Vba subscript out of range error 9 array

Sub M_ snb( ) On Error Resume Next y = UBound( shiftmembers) If Err. Number < > 0 Then y = - 1 ReDim. Make sure g_ intNumNucDataFields is not higher than the number of columns ( eg grdNuclides. You could also try commenting out the error handling and then running it to see if you get a line number on the. When you create the catSheets( ) array, it' s dimensionless. Therefore, you cannot use UBound( ) to determine the array' s upper boundary. You can certainly follow up a Dim ( ) with a ReDim if you want to specify an array size,. Your second Redim doesn' t work because what you' re doing is not possible. From: Excel VBA - How to Redim a 2D array? When Redimensioning multi- dimensional arrays, if you want to preserve your values, you can only. You' re clearly new to VBA and it does seem that you' ve given this a fair go.

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    Array subscript range

    You are confusing looping through a Range and looping through an Array. In your code you have set the limits of the Range as 4 - FinalRow. You hard code 11, 12, 13, which can be a problem unless all original values are 9 words long. If ( for example) your array. ( If an array has 5 items, they are numbered 0 to 4, and your formula calculates arraySize as 4 minus 1. I am pretty new to VBA and do not really understand the explanation there. I am getting a Subscript out of range ( error 9). Option Base 1 ' Force arrays to start at 1 instead of 0 Sub ExcelTablesToWord( ) ' PURPOSE: Copy/ Paste An Excel. Based on your code, you never assign the dimensions of the array. To do so, insert this line before your for loop, after setting the values of PopSize and ChromoLength.

    Redim Poparr( 1 to PopSize, 1 to ChromoLength). Just write like this: " Dim Instance( ) " ReDim Instance( 50, 50) ' Limitation in 50 may be the reason, why your script is going into " out of range" error. ' Remember, that this operation means, that your array now will have following dimentions: [ 1. When you assign worksheet values to a variant array, you always end up with a 2 - D array that is 1 based ( e. 1 to something, 1 to something; never 0 to something, 0 to something). If you are getting values from a single.