Microsoft visual basic runtime error 287

The error message itself got me wondering why the send command wasn' t recognising the defined application. I questioned whether. したがって、 これは、 ユーザーが定義したエラー、 またはオブジェクト ( Microsoft Excel、 Visual Basic などの ホスト アプリケーションを含む) によって定義されたエラーである 可能性があります。 たとえば、 Visual Basic フォームでは、 Raise. Jetzt habe ich aber noch dieses " Run- time error ' 287' Problem beim automatischen Senden. bis Du sicher, dass jeder hier genau weiß, was " Run- time error ' 287' ist? Da kannst du mit VBA nichts appears you need to do a bit more reading on basic VBA coding - especially on the troubleshooting and debugging die of things - every coder has to know how to step thru their lines and examine the content of variables Access use DoCmd. SendObject to send an e- mail. Example: Call DoCmd. SendObject( acSendNoObject, Subject: = " Test Message", MessageText: = " Body Text", EditMessage: = true). In stead of sending No.

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    Visual error basic

    Edit: As the OP states in his comment to my original answer, changing his code to. solved his problem. I leave my original answer below, because someone may learn from the mistake I made,. Describes a problem that may occur when you run code that uses the VBA Extensibility 5. 3 Library in Excel and in Excel. To resolve this problem, you allow programmatic access to the Visual Basic project. Hello Experts, I have a scheduled task on a Server R2 system that opens an Excel spreadsheet. VBA in the spreadsheet reads some sql data, creates some csv files, then emails a summary. Few Errors in your code, so I clean it up and added more code - Try it and let me know. Option Explicit Sub olForward( ) Dim olApp As Outlook. Application Dim olFolder As Outlook. MAPIFolder Dim olInbox As Outlook. Ok, I' m at my wits end. this SHOULD be so simple, yet I' ve beat my head against a brick wall.

    I' m trying to set up a function in my project to send emails using Microsoft Outlook, and every code example I find fails.